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Fredrik lives with his wife, three kids and a dog, in a small house at Vejbystrand – located on Bjäre peninsula northwest of Helsingborg. Here you will probably find him walking on the beaches with some music in the earphones and enjoying life during the dogwalks in the sunsets. During summer, you will most probably find him under the ocean surface, snorkeling in the same region.

Wintertime, on the other hand, you need to put on your skiis to find him, preferably in some steep part of the mountains far away from the slopes… If you are lucky, he will share his sandwich with ham and cheese, a cup of hot chocolate and a good laugh with you, before heading down the mountainside.

Fredrik Joined the ProCori family during 2018 as a Project manager, after almost 15 year as a Human Resource and Security IS specialist and other various roles.

Fredrik take proudness in his deliveries and will make sure – what is agreed with customer will also be delivered within the accepted criteria and on time. But most important, Fredrik will make sure that project members will deliver the project with a smile on their faces.